Wedding Lounges That Are Actually Functional

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One of our favorite aspects of a well-planned wedding is a lounge area that not only looks phenomenal in the space, but also is truly functional. A major downside to one of the biggest inspiration troves (Pinterest), is that there are tons of lounges and areas that look so beautiful, but when actually executed aren’t as functional as they look. Why and how do we fix that? We’ve partnered with one of the best rental vendors in the area, Paisley & Jade, to talk about how. Keep on reading!

Why aren’t all lounge areas functional?

We know it may sound weird when we say it, but some lounge areas are just too pretty to sit down. We’ve seen countless events where clients meticulously plan out and rent gorgeous furniture, all for their guests to just stand the whole time. 

Another issue we’ve seen is sometimes they’re honestly just not all that comfortable. It may feel like you’re sitting in the stiff dining room chair of your grandmother’s house versus a fabulous event for a family member or friend.

And last but not least, a major problem we’ve seen is the furniture choice is picked solely because of the client’s vision and not incorporated into the flow of the event. This could be, for example, a client choosing a settee and armchairs while there’s ample seating at tables for guests and the only alternative major space for crowd flow is the dance floor and exits. This ends up not making as much sense, and looks great for photos but not so much for guests to use.We’ve come up with three ways that you can use lounge areas more functionally for all of your events, and are even highlighting some of the awesome new packages that Paisley & Jade created to help some of the small events happening in the area.

Three Ways You Can Use Lounge Areas More Functionally

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1: Be Strategic About the Furniture Choice for the Setting

Ensuring that you choose furniture that matches the energy of your event and setting of your venue is key to allowing the seamless flow of all your areas. If you’re wanting a beach event, having a lounge area that guests won’t feel uncomfortable in (such as more formal furniture) might do the trick. Try choosing lounges such as a floor lounge with cushions or patio style furniture for a more comfortable area. An alternate example is choosing formal settees with wingback chairs for a black-tie wedding, acting as a perfect touch to an already decadent scene. We love some of the options below for both:

2: Place Near the Bar or Cocktail Area

It’s no secret that some of the most trafficked areas of a wedding are also where the drinks are located. It’s for good reason! Guests love being able to have a cocktail in hand and casually walk to the lounge area. For that reason, it’s so important to have ample seating in this area. Whether you have bar stools at your hightops, a chaise casually placed by the bar, or a rug decorated with pillows for lounging, having this area well situated ensures guests can truly sit back and relax. Check out the decadent statement bars and paired lounges in the modern + traditional packages below:

3: Be Near the Action!

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Styling: Lori Tran with Wild Green Yonder Floral Design 

We have had clients choose entertainment that ranges from fire dancing to photo booths to outdoor checkers and cornhole. If you would like to have a focus point of your night that includes a wow factor for entertainment, consider picking out pieces that allow for ample viewing of the area. This way, your Aunt Gertrude won’t have to fight to see the aerial dancers, and your guests feel like they’re right there where the action is. We think this package just might do the trick:

Ready to talk lounges?

We are, too! We would love to help you figure out what aesthetic works best for your event and guests. Click the link below and we’ll schedule a consult to talk details!

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Wedding Lounges That Are Actually Functional

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