Jade & Joy’s Mission

Our mission is to provide quality services and transparent pricing no matter what your event is.

The three of us (Kelsey, Christine, and Dana) have always loved parties. More specifically, we’ve always loved planning parties. But in our planning, we noticed a trend that we disagreed with.

Often it was difficult, if not impossible, to easily discover the price of rentals or the cost of a vendor’s services. When we did discover those prices, they often varied based on the kind of event that was being planned.

When organizing Jade & Joy, we decided to do things differently. We want to be upfront with our pricing, so we place our prices right next to each available package. We also don’t vary based on the kind of event you’re planning. Instead, full service planning is the same whether we’re working on a wedding or a birthday party.

In addition, we want to be DIY friendly, as we are DIYers at heart, so we have a package available for those who’d like a professional’s input but would like to do the work themselves.

Ultimately, our goal to make the event planning process as easy and painless as we can for you, so you can enjoy a celebration you can imagine, experience, and remember.