One Theme, Three Styles: Spring Garden

In a recent post, we talked about the difference between theme and style. It was an overview of the definitions and how to incorporate elements into your event. In this post, we want to give an example of these differences in action.

One of the points in “The Difference Between Theme and Style” is that any style can be applied to a theme — that is, the same theme can be done several different ways to achieve a different effect.

To show this, we want to give three examples: a “one theme, three ways type thing.” The chosen theme is Spring Garden! The chosen styles are modern, elegant, and rustic.

There are a few elements shared across each example:

  1. All events are outside, preferably in a garden.
  2. All events feature flowers as the most prominent decor element.
  3. All events utilize bright spring colors.

How different can they be? Lets see!

First up:


spring theme, modern party, modern event design, event planning, party planning

source: Pixabay

Modern style focuses on crisp lines and minimalism. White is often the most utilized color in modern design, and both example photos feature white linens and decor pieces. Both also feature right angles in the tables and in the frames for the drapes. The designers in the second photo chose rectangular stands and vases for their flowers, another modern element, and the bright flowers in the first photo give the table a very upbeat and contemporary look.


spring theme, elegant party, party planning, elegant design, event design

source: Pixabay

An elegant style always makes us think of gardens in European castles and lots of delicate finery. In the example photos, there’s carefully manicured foliage, classical architecture, and antique tableware. Roses dominate bouquets of varying pinks and reds, and touches of crystal and gold provide luxurious accents. An elegant style is classic; it never goes out of… well… style.


rustic party, rustic event design, spring theme, party planning, event planning

source: Pixabay

Rustic style is often cozy and homey, and a rustic event is no different. Elements are natural and warm, and if they aren’t handmade, they look like they are. This is obvious in the wooden table and chairs, the textured accents, and the flowers and leaves that look like they were pulled directly from a field or strewn carelessly across the table. This has the effect of looking effortless and comfortable, two of the charms of a rustic style.

Which look is your favorite? How do you think these styles would apply to your favorite theme or season?

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One Theme, Three Styles: Spring Garden

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    Thank you so much! I learn so much from your site. It’s so helpful! Looking forward to having your work with my next event.

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