Wakanda Forever: A Wakandan Styled Shoot

So, last weekend, we saw the Marvel movie Black Panther, and we just knew. What did we know? We knew that wasn’t going to be the last time we’d see that movie, but we also knew that we had to do a styled shoot inspired by it. We loved everything about the movie — the story, the characters, the style, the color — and we wanted to translate it into a Wakanda-inspired wedding.

Since February is Black History Month, we decided this would be a great opportunity to celebrate. This left us with a week to put together a shoot to post so we could wish everyone a “Happy Black History Month” and a “Wakanda Forever”! Being short on time, we cast Kelsey and her husband to be our models, raided our stash of stuff for props, and called up the wonderful photographer and filmmaker Victoria Tapp to shoot for us. And voilà! A Wakandan Wedding is born!

We wanted to embrace the movie’s brilliant combination of modern and traditional styles, so we had fun combining colors and textures to achieve that effect. Without further ado (and without spoilers), here are the photos:

The Table

groom, wakanda, place setting, black pantherwakanda, table, place setting, black panther, black plates

The place settings were all about metals and minerals. Since we couldn’t get our hands on any vibranium (we hear it’s expensive), we had to settle for black glass with gold flatware and green napkins. One of our favorite color/texture combinations is the patina on the silver goblet next to the alabaster goblet.

The Cake

cake, african design, wedding, wakanda, black panther

Ameenah of Charm Decor Cakes is a friend of ours, and she was equally in love with Black Panther, so when we called her to ask if she’d be willing to work on a Wakandan styled shoot with us, she was happy to help out. She put this cake design together in two days, which is a testament to how amazing she is!

The Details

earthy, nature, wakanda, black panther, wedding, details

The references are in the details in this shoot. We were inspired by the earthy and modern architecture and style of Wakanda and wanted our decor to reflect that. Mixing the metallic looks of the geometric shapes and the bride and groom’s rings with the vibrant colors and textures of the flowers and sand gave us the Wakandan vibe we were looking for.

The Couple

Kelsey is more used to being behind the camera than in front of it, but with Victoria’s direction, she and Jermaine did a great job. This was almost like a second wedding shoot for them, since they were married almost a year ago. You can see how happy they still are in their eyes! Kelsey’s skirt was designed by Wanda’s Art Gallery, and Jermaine’s suit is from Macy’s.

And that’s it for this shoot, guys! We hope you’ve enjoyed it, and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you must see it! Ok, you don’t have to, but seriously, you have to. And if you have seen it, let us know what you think! Is this a style you’d love for your own wedding?

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Wakanda Forever: A Wakandan Styled Shoot

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  1. Arlene L. Johnson says:

    I love it it is very creative! Lovely colors!

  2. April says:

    I had to come over from the IG page to see the rest of the pictures. I LOVE the colors and mix of textures for the place settings and the cake was just amazing! Kelsey and Jermaine look great! I love this!

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