Is a “Minimony” or Small Wedding Right for Me?

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By now we’re sure you’ve heard a zillion new terms defining weddings during this new time of corona. Even after all this passes, we understand that a lot of couples’ priorities have shifted, and big weddings may not be as appealing anymore. Don’t worry. This blog article is FOR YOU. We’re here to help all those landing on this page to figure out whether having a minimony or throwing a small wedding makes sense for them.

A Minimony

The Knot coined this term, which refers to weddings that are held as a small ceremony to move forward with your date and plans while still pushing ahead toward a larger party/reception that is postponed to a later date. We like to think of this concept as like a pregame to the big show.

What does this look like, though?

Great question. This honestly, can look like whatever in the world you want, but in the true definition of the term it’s really about the ceremony. Think having someone officiate, you and your partner looking lovingly into each other’s eyes, a couple family members and/or friends being there to celebrate, and smiles all around. 

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If you’re someone who’s familiar with the old adage of the “cake and punch,” then think of this as the millennial sibling. The cake and punch term refers to a more traditional approach of a post-ceremony reception, where guests may literally only be served cake and punch, or in other cases light hors d’oeuvres. This really helped with super large guest counts (e.g. one of our family members legit invited 700+ guests to their wedding so this was the cake and punch’s moment to shine), couples who wanted to play it lowkey, or a post celebrate from an elopement. That’s pretty much the best way to sum up how the “reception” looks for a minimony. It’s really about the symbolism of the ceremony, with a small cake and minimal florals suggested to highlight this.

Small Wedding (aka to some a Microwedding)

So if a minimony is my close family and friends supporting me while I get married, what’s this small wedding then? To the invisible reader that I’m talking to as I write this blog post, so glad you asked. 

If you look at the minimony you’ll see that there’s one element missing that some couples might just want to have after a ceremony…the reception! The small wedding is not a precursor to anything but is the whole shebang itself. This event is meant to be tailored to get it all squared away in one fell swoop. The guest list here has grown justttttt a tad to about 50 guests max, with full on rentals, florals, invites, vendors, glam, everything happening for this wedding. Couples can expect to spend their full attention on the guests who can make it there. 

Imagine forty to fifty of your closest friends and family. Instead of paying for the catering of 150 guests, you can truly elevate the experience and perhaps even delve into the land of fine dining. With your floral budget only targeted for perhaps a long family style table or a few tables, the 15+ centerpieces just went down to 3. Now you can truly dream big with your budget and have that “macro” experience.

Alright, so then what’s next?

You’ve got the wedding format figured out now? Perfect! We’d love to talk details and figure out how to not only safely but beautifully execute your vision. Click that button below and let’s make magic!

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Is a “Minimony” or Small Wedding Right for Me?

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