Imagine you could step back in time to the elegance of the French Baroque period, with larger than life ball gowns, decadent desserts, and elaborate jewelry. Our baroque industrial shoot was born from the idea that Marie Antionette and her court were frozen in time as they prepared for a ball. As the centuries went […]

Inspiration: Baroque Styled Shoot

One of our favorite aspects of a well-planned wedding is a lounge area that not only looks phenomenal in the space, but also is truly functional. A major downside to one of the biggest inspiration troves (Pinterest), is that there are tons of lounges and areas that look so beautiful, but when actually executed aren’t […]

Wedding Lounges That Are Actually Functional

By now we’re sure you’ve heard a zillion new terms defining weddings during this new time of corona. Even after all this passes, we understand that a lot of couples’ priorities have shifted, and big weddings may not be as appealing anymore. Don’t worry. This blog article is FOR YOU. We’re here to help all […]

Is a “Minimony” or Small Wedding Right for Me?

So, last weekend, we saw the Marvel movie Black Panther, and we just knew. What did we know? We knew that wasn’t going to be the last time we’d see that movie, but we also knew that we had to do a styled shoot inspired by it. We loved everything about the movie — the […]

Wakanda Forever: A Wakandan Styled Shoot

In a recent post, we talked about the difference between theme and style. It was an overview of the definitions and how to incorporate elements into your event. In this post, we want to give an example of these differences in action. One of the points in “The Difference Between Theme and Style” is that […]

One Theme, Three Styles: Spring Garden

Style and theme are often confused with one another. People think they have a theme when what they have is a style, or they think they have a style when what they have is a theme. Or they think they have both, and what they really have is neither. So I’d like to spend a […]

The Difference Between Theme and Style

My (Kelsey’s) favorite part of any wedding we plan or attend is seeing what cake the couple has chosen. What color did they choose? Did they have a topper or no? Did they use bright bold colors, or did they go for something more muted? Is the cake on trend for the season or something […]

Cake Do’s and Don’ts: Three Ways to Make Your Wedding Cake Perfect

I (Dana) have a not-so-secret secret: I’m a kind of a wallflower. Never am I the life of the party, but that’s OK with me. I’m always happy to be behind the scenes, helping make things happen and watching guests enjoy themselves. I love seeing a party come together, especially when we’ve been working hard […]

Three Reasons to Love Event Design

One of the most common arguments I (Christine) hear between brides, grooms, parents, and friends is “Why do I have to invite them?” It seems as if weddings can become the event that draws together the long lost second cousin’s auntie’s brother and everyone in between for a family reunion of sorts, or the time […]

Overloaded Guest Lists: Painful or Positive?